A quick snack of crackers on Halloween


Packs of ordinary crackers can create Frankenstein, mummy, and even Count Dracula! Great company for Halloween! Still need patience, a sharp small knife, grapes, cream cheese and strawberries.

Description of the preparation:

A quick snack for Halloween made ​​from crackers, butter (curd) cheese and fruit or vegetables. Grapes can be replaced with black olives, strawberries — sweet pepper. Creative imagination and create your own snack-horror story!

Purpose: For children / On holiday table / Halloween
Dish: Bakery / Desserts / Crackers
Crackers — 100 Gram
Cream cheese — 40 grams (Mascarpone, Fladelfiya, Almette piled or Ricotta)
Strawberries — 3-4 Pieces
Grapes (berries) — 10 Pieces (green and blue)
Raisins — 1 tbsp. spoon (can be replaced by chocolate drops)

Servings: 5-7

How to cook «Fast food of crackers Halloween»

1 Prepare all the ingredients to create scary images of crackers on Halloween. Grapes and strawberries, rinse and dry with a paper towel. In strawberries, select the stalk.
2 To create a Frankenstein, we need two blue grape, one — green, two raisins and cream cheese. Spread cheese crackers. Blue grape cut in half and bottom teeth do. Put cooked halves on one side plastered cracker. Hairstyle Frankenstein is ready! Now of blue grape halves, cut sewn mouth. Eyes — two raisins (or chocolate drops). Eyebrows are cut from green grapes, shape — elongated triangles.
Dracula 3 person you make out of the blue grape halves, a small piece of strawberry and two raisins. Mate grapes cut in half. In the wide edge, make two triangular «cloves» (save them). Put as illustrated. Eye make raisins or chocolate drops. pipes make strawberry. Under the lips «attach» two teeth of cream cheese.
The Mummy 4 will come out of cream cheese, a tiny piece of strawberry and grape halves. Half grape berries put on one side of crackers. Put two points cream cheese (eye), which lay out the tiny pieces of strawberries. Cheese put on a cracker strips, as shown in the illustration.
5 Quick appetizer of crackers ready for Halloween! Happy holidays!