Appetizer of eggs on Halloween


Of boiled eggs on Halloween, you can come up with different «scary» snacks using food colors and contents of the refrigerator. All you need is your imagination! What kind of Halloween without a pumpkin and a black cat?

Description of the preparation:
How to cook a snack from eggs on Halloween?
1 hard-boiled eggs boil.
Ready 2 eggs cool, peel and cut in half.
3 Dilute food coloring according to the instructions on the packaging.
4 egg yolk select. One half of the color orange dye, the other — black.
5 Pour into a protein (egg halves) painted yolk, giving it the shape of the muzzle of a cat and pumpkin. Pumpkin you make by clicking on the colored in black yolk with a fork. A muzzle cat out, if you pull his ears.
6 Cut the leguminous bean into pieces by centimeter or less. Put the eggs in half, which turned into pumpkins.
7 To create a cat muzzle, use two berries capers — for eyes and finely planed cheese — mustache.
Appetizer of eggs ready for Halloween!
Bon appetit!
By the way, the yolk can be crushed with a fork and mix with mayonnaise and horseradish, mayonnaise and tuna. Orange dye may not be used, leaving the pumpkin yellow (like egg yolk). And instead of black dye I recommend to make a paste of olives (grinding them up and putting it on the yolk), or use black faux (or life!) Caviar.
Merry Halloween!

Purpose: On the festive table / Halloween
Main ingredient: Eggs
Dish: Appetizers
Eggs — 6 Pieces
Food coloring — 3-4 grams (orange and black)
Capers — 1 tbsp. spoon
Cheese — 1 slice
Runner bean — 1-2 Pieces (green (can be marinated))

Servings: 3