Cake «Potatoes»


Crackers vanilla — 500 g
Condensed milk — 400 ml
Cocoa powder — 50 grams
Butter — 200 grams
Dark chocolate 70-80% cocoa — 100 grams
Cognac — 30 ml

Candied citrus (to taste) — 20 grams


First you have to grind crackers into small crumbs. This can be done through the meat grinder or mill, the main thing that was left unground pieces.

In a separate bowl, mix condensed milk jar with cocoa powder. Cocoa need to take 2 tablespoons with a slide. Frays to the disappearance of lumps, add the butter, cut into pieces and put on a little fire (until the butter has melted)

Next, in a bowl melt the water bath tile dark chocolate. To do this in a pot, pour hot water into the water put a vessel with the broken chocolate and set on fire to water is boiling.

From chocolate to add chocolate butter cream half, ie 50 grams, and the rest will go to the decoration.
At the end of blended into the chocolate cream two tablespoons of brandy (for flavor).
Now mix rusk crumbs and chocolate cream.

The result will be so that’s chocolate chips. If the «test» will dry, add a little milk in it.

For the formation of potatoes is best to form a dough sausages, cut out on the same pieces and roll them out of balls or sticks.

Can be put into any filling, best something with a rich flavor. Alternatively, citrus candied (taste).

To decorate chop all the same candied citrus very thin stripes.

The remainder of the dough preparation chocolate again heated up to the liquid state. Each cake daubed on top of chocolate and we place two pieces of chopped candied fruit.

Now waiting for the chocolate hardens. Most tasty cakes the next day, when they are thoroughly soaked.