Strawberries in chocolate on Halloween


Easy «awesome» dessert can be made from strawberries and chocolate. For dishes «Strawberry Chocolate Halloween» need bitter, milk and white chocolate and fresh strawberries.
Description of the preparation:
How to cook chocolate covered strawberries for Halloween?
1 strawberries, rinse, leave the stalk. Dry with a paper towel.

2 In a water bath at different bowl, melt the bitter, milk and white chocolate. Chocolate should be viscous.
3 Prepare the foil or parchment paper. Dip berries in chocolate, place on foil and pour on top of her «tail». You can make a «tail» and in two steps. To do this, wait until schokolad harden, and then re-dunk in chocolate and «pull the tail.»
4 When the chocolate hardens with a toothpick make «eyes». Leave to cool down.
Chocolate covered strawberries ready for Halloween!
Bon appetit!
Purpose: For children / On holiday table / Halloween
Main ingredient: Berries / Strawberries
Course: Dessert
Strawberry — 300-350 gram
Dark chocolate — 50 Grams
Milk Chocolate — 50 Grams
White chocolate — 50 Grams