Stuffed eggs spiders for Halloween


Stuffed eggs spiders for Halloween — a simple dish. Spiders we make of olives. And half the eggs can be stuffed with anything. I mix canned tuna, egg yolk and mayonnaise.

Description of the preparation:
Eggs Spider Halloween decorate your festive table, besides will hearty and tasty snack. Among the abundance of sweet dishes that are traditionally prepared on Halloween appetizer of eggs will be very useful.
And she’s just getting ready. Boil the eggs, egg halves nafarshiruyte any stuffing. Then the olives do spiders according to the illustrations.

Purpose: On the festive table / Halloween
Main ingredient: Olives / Eggs
Dish: Appetizers
Eggs — 6 Pieces
Canned tuna — 50 Grams
Mayonnaise — 1-2 St. spoons
Olives / Olives — 12 Pieces

Servings: 4-6

How to Cook «Stuffed eggs spiders for Halloween»
1 hard-boiled eggs, boil, cool and clean. Cut in half, choose a bowl of egg yolks. To the yolks, add the cooked tuna and mayonnaise. Mash with a fork and mix. Here you can add salt and pepper to taste, and chopped onions. The resulting mixture nafarshiruyte halves of eggs. Prepare olives / olive.
2 black olives, pitted, cut lengthwise. One half of the olives aside (this will be the body of a spider), and the other once again cut along. Every cut quarters crosswise into four equal parts.
3 In the center lay eggs stuffed olives mate.
4 along the «body» on the sides lay out «legs».
5 The finished dish garnish with chopped herbs. Bon appetit!