Vicious bull terrier tore puppy’s eye out after pulling it from owner’s shoulders

Six-month-old Buddie was cowering in fear on his master’s shoulders, in Ayrshire — but the dangerous dog clamped its teeth on to the puppy’s face


A puppy was left with a broken jaw and its eye hanging out of its socket after a vicious Staffordshire bull terrier leaped onto his owner’s shoulders and attacked him.

The brutal beast set upon the terrified pup when it spotted tiny Buddy cowering in fear on his owner’s shoulders, in Ayrshire.

It then jumped up and clamped its teeth on to the puppy’s face, wrenching him to the ground, reports the Daily Record.


Such was the force of the attack, the Staffie broke Buddy’s jaw and popped his left eye out its socket.

It only released its grip on the six-month-old pup after being kicked by its stunned owners Ian and Margaret O’Connor.

Ian, 65, said: “This has been a nightmare for us – the guy with the dog just stood back saying it was not his.